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Made in USA

Passion that is made in the USA.

Liberator has been crafting Bedroom Adventure Gear in our Atlanta headquarters for more than 12 years. It is our pride and heritage to manufacture in America, and to use other local sources for materials in our manufacturing process. We devote as much effort into providing jobs for our community as we do focusing on bettering the love lives of thousands.

Liberator employs an incredible team of sewing artisans and production workers as well as designers, administrative and customer service personnel, bringing our total employment to over 130 people. All of these jobs located right here in the USA. We work hard to ensure that our jobs are more than just a paycheck, but rather are examples of good and lasting employment that support families and communities.

Our workers are among the highest-paid sewers in the world. Plus, we offer on-the-job training to those willing and driven to learn. Our employees are a family, and each one is a shareholder in the company. Because of this, Liberator provides job security and year-round employment. This is an anomaly in the garment industry, which has historically been dominated by seasonal work. We know the faces of our workers and provide them the opportunity to make a fair wage while maintaining a sweatshop-free environment.

We have also partnered with multiple American-based suppliers to ensure our products are infused with quality, such as our New England and California based fabric mills and our Georgia based foam supplier. In the handful of cases where we don't produce a product ourselves, such as with some of our toy lines, we strive to work with manufacturers who share the quality principles and high values we've built our business around.

Cut and sew manufacturing is difficult to do in the United States, but we have endeavored to make our products and our practices extraordinary and our facility state-of-the-art. Our employees thank you for your support, and will continue to provide you with innovative products and impeccable customer service. As our company continues to grow, we will further improve the work environment to take care of our family, right here at home.